Textile accessories launching 22 September 2021

Winter this Out


Hand stitched ruffles of Irish tweed, manual typing and hand embellishment all feature in this original piece of textile artwork by Karena Ryan. It depicts a quote by Irish poet Seamus Heaney. A quote from 1972 that has struck a chord with so many this past year and a half. It gives some form of hope for a brighter future. 

Where did the quote come from?

The quote can be traced back to a short article in the Cork Examiner back on the 22 November 1972. Under the headline “New book of poems launched” in a corner of page six, the paper wrote:

“If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere”.

This was the comment of Derry born Seamus Heaney whose book of poems, “Wintering Out”, was launched at a publication party in the Peacock Theatre, Dublin, last night. He was referring to the situation in the North, and said that he had taken the title of the book from the old farming custom of wintering cattle out in pasture.


The piece is framed in a limed wood box frame behind glass. As I am passionate about sustainability, my frames, packaging and wrapping are custom made in Ireland.  

Frame measures 26 x 26 cm.

Artwork measures 12 x 12 cm

Each framed artwork is packed very carefully in custom made cardboard boxes followed by a layer of bubble wrap and then wrapped with biodegradable wrapping paper and tied up with string (these are a few of my favourite things!

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