International Women's Day - Vicky Phelan

March 10, 2021

Only the Brave - Vicky Phelan

•Bravery •
I am honouring Vicky Phelan on this International Women's Day.
If anyone is not following her journey and her story , I highly recommend Vicky's Tribe on Facebook.
Her videos are just full of hope for us and for future women, she is a trailblazer.
I am overwhelmed that she thanked me in her vlog yesterday after she saw the textile portrait that I made of her. She took the time to thank everyone who wrote poetry, music and created art in honour of her for Women's Day. A true legend.
I would love nothing more than to sell this framed piece and donate the money to her charity of choice.  
I cannot put into words how inspirational she is. This is for every woman who is living this nightmare and for the women who have died because of the appalling way our Government and Health system neglected them. And continue to do so.