Sealed with a Kiss

March 10, 2021

Sealed with a Kiss

Who doesn't love a hand written letter? And I'm not talking about an invoice or a bill. A letter where someone has taken time from their day to put pen to paper to send you a message. 

This hand made felt letter is actual envelope size and contains a typewritten letter for my husband for Valentine's Day, a highly personal gift to send to a loved one or to someone who may not have seen for a year due to Covid.

I still have letters from friends and family since the 1990s and I even remember having a penpal in Primary School- one from Spain, one from Germany. I wonder what they are doing with their lives?!

 There was nothing nicer than getting a letter to read when you were on the bus from college home or from home to Dublin where I was working.
I actually don't know how some letters even arrived, one address says :
Karena Ryan
The brown and orange caravan,
Clockhouse Farm,
Kent, England.
A throwback to a summer a few of us spent picking strawberries in Kent 🍓 Our claim to fame that we handpicked the best strawberries for Wimbledon.
We made zero money but came home armed with knowledge of how to make strawberry wine(potent!) and with a great tan.
I really hope that the art of letter writing isn't disappearing, I was reading some of these this morning and the laugh I had hearing about " who was with who" at the disco 😆
Invites to a 21st in the local hotel, postcards from my parents in Lanzarote, (they were home before the card arrived) and the escapades of my friends who were It's on work experience, working as an au pair in Spain, working for the OPW in Kilkenny . Stories from all over -just brilliant. I was immediately whisked back to the 90s. Reading about what we were doing, wearing, listening to and hanging out with. We were lucky to NOT have a mobile phone then and to experience life without a screen or typing text to people to communicate.
I have rambled and digressed!
Let's all write a letter to someone this week... it will bring some cheer to us all. 💌