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Seamus Heaney- a rock of sense

March 09, 2021

Seamus Heaney- a rock of sense

"If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere" - Seamus Heaney

This time last year I was looking forward to a night out with my friends , dinner, drinks, a hug when we meet , a hug when we say goodbye at the end of the night.

And now...

What we have endured in one year is unbelievable. Most of us have survived but at what cost mentally, physically and emotionally. I struggled in this lock down. January in particular was extremely tough for everyone of us. I shudder thinking of this time last year when we could sense some strange impending doom. I take consolation in the words of Heaney, we are wintering out the longest winter on record, the rewards we will reap will be worth the long wait. I am feeling hopeful that life will become a little easier but for now I am taking it day by day and some days, hour by hour.  Are you feeling hopeful for a time where we can travel without restrictions, to be able to go into a shop without doubling back looking for a mask, to hug loved ones? I am really missing been afforded the freedom to be spontaneous, to jump into the car and visit an art gallery, the beach for a swim, to see my sister who had a new baby, my relations in Sligo and Mayo. To go anywhere outside a 5km limit would be a treat!

This image is from my new collection that I haven't titled as of yet (forgot all about that part). I took time out from teaching to make what inspired me, to create what made me feel like me and this collection is the result of that long process, almost like what Heaney refers to in his words about winter. 

We will get there again, for the sake of our mental health, we need to.

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